Domain Names

We register and maintain domain names for our clients. You can select from a wide range of TLDS domain names.

Supported TLDS:

Generics: .com .net .org .info .biz .name

Country: .us .co .cc .ws .tv .tw .pk

Codes: .in .uk .eu .vn .me .pw

Sponsored: .tel .asia .info .mobi

New TLD: .academy .accountant .accountants .agency .apartments .associates .audio .auto .college .feedback .love .rent .tech .theatre .tickets .protection .bargains .bayern .beer .bet .bike .bid .bingo .black .blackfriday .blue .boutique .builders .car .cars .cab .camera .camp .capital .cards .care .careers .casa .cash .casino .catering .center .ceo .chat .cheap .christmas .church .city .claims .cleaning .click .clinic .clothing .cloud .club .coach .codes .coffee .community .company .computer .condos .construction .contractors .cooking .cool .country .coupons .courses .credit .creditcard .cruises .date .deals .delivery .dental .diamonds .digital .direct .directory .discount .dog .domains .email .energy .engineering .enterprises .equipment .estate .events .exchange .expert .exposed .farm .faith .fashion .film .finance .financial .fish .fishing .fit .fitness .flights .florist .football .foundation .fund .furniture .game .garden .gift .glass .graphics .green .gripe .gold .golf .gratis .group .guide .guitars .guru .hiphop .hockey .holdings .horse .host .hosting .house .immo .industries .ink .insure .institute .international .lease .legal .lgbt .life .lighting .limited .limo .link .lotto .loans .loan .management .marketing .mba .media .memorial .men .menu .money .online .parts .pet .party .photo .photography .photos .pics .pictures .pink .pizza .place .plumbing .plus .poker .press .pro .productions .properties .property .recipes .red .reisen .rentals .repair .report .rest .restaurant .review

and more!

Web Hosting

Bulletproof web servers for mission critical websites

We work with world leaders data centers and cloud networks to provide secure and fast web hosting services.  Based on your requirements and traffic we propose you the most suitable hosting solution.

Key Hosting options:

  • Dedicated Servers (for best performance)
  • Cloud Hosting (scale as you grow)
  • Virtual Private Servers (for small websites)
  • Data Backup Servers
  • SSL Certificates (encrypt your website data transfer)
  • Dedicated IP addresses

We offer both fully managed and self managed web servers.

Where are our servers located:

Our web servers are hosted by world’s top data centers located in US, UK, Australia & China. Host your online e-commerce portal to your company websites, you will get 99% up time guaranteed and unbreakable support by our technical staff. We got you fully covered.