We offer money back guarantee with all our service plans. Your first security is that we do not charge you upfront, we charge you after the Free Consultation Session, in which we provide you complete details, plan and quote for the project. This safeguard you already, however we still offer payment money back guarantee if we fail to fulfill our promise under the working contract we sign.

Payment will be refunded if customer fulfills the following conditions.

  • If project is going as per the contract, and client wants to cancel the project, we do not give any returns of the payments made already. All payments are made upon completion of certain phases or tasks, and hence you can not claim refund of a task which is already completed. The remaining phases or tasks of the project will be cancelled and project will be closed. You have the option to complete the project at a later stage by initiating a new project.
  • If client does not like our proposal, prototype, or design concept for their project, they can cancel the project and take the refund of the startup money paid.

Our processes, procedures, and guarantees are to secure your investment made with us. We make sure you get the best return on your investment with Genex Business Solutions. Experience working with us once to realize the true value of our services and products. If you have any questions or concerns about the Money Back Guarantee, feel free to contact us.