After your project analysis, we propose you different types of working hours required to achieve project objectives. Hourly pricing information is given below:

  • Project Management
    $45 hourly
    • Project Plan & Drafting
    • Project Reporting
    • Quality Assurance
    • Project Documentation
    • Problem Solving
  • Web Front End Coding
    $15 hourly
    • Convert PSD to HTML
    • HTML / XHTML / HTML 5
    • CSS
    • Wordpress Template Changes
    • Newsletter Email HTML
  • Web Apps Programming
    $35 hourly
    • PHP
    • Ruby on Rails
    • JavaScript
    • MySQL
    • JQuery / AJAX
  • Graphic Design
    $25 hourly
    • Web Design
    • Print Media Designs
    • User Interface Design
    • Brand Design
    • Info Graphics
  • Mobile Apps Coding
    $45 hourly
    • Andriod Apps
    • IOS Apps
    • Windows Apps
  • Server Administration
    $35 hourly
    • Server Setup
    • Database Server
    • Data Backups
    • Server Security
    • Data Transfer
  • Internet Marketing
    $15 hourly
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Search Engine Marketing
    • Email Marketing
    • Online Research
    • Content Development
  • Multimedia
    $35 hourly
    • Flash Animations
    • HTML5 Animations
    • Video Productions
    • 3D Animations
    • Multimedia Presentations

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Example WordPress Project

It require project management, design, and programming hours. A standard custom designed, fully functional wordpress website requires

Project Management 5 hours ($45/h) $225
Design 10 hours ($25/h) $250
Configuration/Customization 15 hours ($25/h) $375

Approximate budget: $850

Example Logo Design Project

A standard logo design job would require only 2 design hours ($25/h) to come up with the logo design concept. An average brand design project takes 3 to 5 logos and variations of any selected one. Approximately taking 10 to 15 total design hours and a budget of $250 to complete a brand design along with branding details font types, colors and sizes.

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Project Development Process

  • Conceptualization

    Requirement analysis and research to understand client objectives and project scope.

  • Brainstorming

    Competition analysis and target market review to build ideas to achieve desired objectives.

  • Execution

    Deploy professionals required to produce the required digital media & applications.

  • Refining

    Quality assurance by refining the end products for best user experience.

  • Finalization

    Build final product and provide our clients with all necessary documentation and source codes.