Live Support Chat Agents

We provide online Live Support staff for your business. You should not leave your website unattended and see your sales grow by having online support staff to assist your website visitors. Our experienced live support agents help your website visitors convert into customers.

We train our staff as per your business needs and requirements and equip the support staff with all the necessary information they need to facilitate your website users.

Technology upgrades & bug fixing

One of the most important job of website maintenance is code updates and platform upgrades. Our professional technical staff keep your website up to date with the ever changing technology platforms. It is very important for your website security and functionality to use the latest technologies as they become available.

More to that our technical staff is also available to add any new functionality, fix a problem or issue with your website. From sensitive e commerce websites to basic marketing and informational websites, you can trust our technical staff to take care of it.

24/7 Monitoring

If your website is not available 24/7 then it isn’t really working. Your website availability is just not important for its users but also a serious no no for search engine rankings. We monitor our websites round the clock and know if its down before anyone else. We monitor the websites with automated scripts which inform us as soon as something goes wrong with the website. Most importantly someone is always available to take care of the issue.

We let you focus on your core business and you never have to worry about your website. We work round the clock and even during the holidays we are available to take care of your online presence with precision.

Content Writing

Whether you need regular blog postings to keep your website users coming back or add a new page in the website. Our creative writers produce original content which is optimized for search engines. We can also check your existing website copy for typos and errors. It gives a bad impression if your website copy is not up to the standard.

Our content writing services include translations, converting hard copy to digital content, proof reading, and more. We can write in English, Arabic and Urdu.

Graphics & Multimedia

Presentation is the name of the game. You need some graphics for your new blog post, or a new page design, a website design change, or a home page animation. We got it all covered. We have a large collection of royalty free images, graphics, illustrations and icons to quickly design as per your needs and requirements. Our creative staff work closely with our clients to present them online in the best manner.

We not only take care of your website, but also your social media presence. Get professionally designed Facebook covers, customize your twitter profile and more.

Flexible & Scalable

You can increase the number of support staff and technical expertise you require as per your project needs. All technical services are on demand basis and you only pay for them when you use them. We are there for you whenever you need some help and make sure your online presence stays in the best shape.