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Facebook without a doubt is one of the most promising platforms to advertise your business, products, and services online directly to the end customer. Just like other ad networks, Facebook also gives the option to target the ads to a specific community, gender, age group, and also have exciting features to target users based on specific interests.

However a Facebook ad campaign may or may not give you the desired results. The success of a campaign can be measured by the CTR it gets. CTR is the click through rate, the number of people who actually click on the ad.

Our professional designers and Facebook advertising experts guarantee maximum CTR for your ad campaign and get maximum return on the investment.

Professionals can do it better

Anyone can run ad campaign at Facebook but professionals do it better. Following are some key aspects of Facebook ad campaigns we design at Genex:

  • Identification of target market
  • Lead/Sale processing mechanism in place
  • Community interest factor
  • Compelling ad graphic design
  • Compelling ad copy
  • Multiple test design campaigns
  • Investing in best performers
  • Performance reports

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